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Q: How do I apply for August Camp?

Q: How will I know if I have been accepted to Camp?

Q: What happens if I apply and the week(s) I've requested are already filled?

Q: If I am waitlisted, what are my chances of actually getting into Camp?

Q: If I plan to go to Camp with someone else, how can I be assured we both/all get in?

Q: What if my flight schedule changes after I mail the Transportation form to the Transportation Coordinator?

Q: What if my flight is delayed on my travel day and I will arrive after 2 pm?

Q: Can I register on line and pay with a credit card?

Q: What is the age range of August Campers?

Q: Are there single people who come to Camp?

Q: What will I do for a tent mate if I come alone?

Q: What if I am not comfortable with my tent mate?

Q. What are the daily hiking options?

Q. At what altitude will I be hiking?

Q: What if I don't want to hike every day? What else is there to do?

Q: Will a novice hiker fit in? How about a fast competitive hiker?

Q: What overnight activities are planned?

Q: How hot or cold does it get at Camp? What clothes should I bring? What kind of sleeping bag?

Q: How can I make my tent "home-like"?

Q: What is a "sun shower"?

Q: Can I get a hot beverage at other than mealtimes?

Q: I have special dietary needs; can that be accommodated?

Q: Do we need to bring guidebooks for hiking?

Q: Besides the cost for attending camp, are there other expenses?

Q: Where do I do my laundry?

Q: Can I bring my child/grandchild/nephew/niece?

Q: Can I have a guest visit?

Q: Can I bring my hairdryer and other appliances to camp?

Q: What kind of medical facilities are available?

Q: If I decide to leave camp early for any reason, can I get a refund?

Q: How early a flight should I schedule for my departure day?


If, after reading all the info about Camp on the August Camp website,, you still have questions, here is contact info for real people:


General and registration info:  Trish Niece, 203-265-9584 or

General Camp questions:  Sam Jamke, 603-472-2536,

Transportation coordinator:  Virginia Campbell, 917-495-2084 or


Note:  All calls before 9 pm eastern time, please.

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